How to Decorate a Retro Bedroom Retro 1960s

How to Decorate a Retro Bedroom : Retro 1960s
Retro Interior Design of the 1960s

Step 1
Paint your walls purple, red or bright green, and hang artwork by sixties artist Peter Max and posters of the
Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

Step 2
Drape your windows in batik prints or create swags out of gauzy solids and prints from India.

Step 3
Place one small table next to a pile of brightly covered floor pillows in a corner for meditating. Place an incense burner and a candle on the table next to them.

Step 4
Cover your bed in bright, solid color linens and cover them with a coordinating crocheted afghan. Hang a large, round paper Japanese-style globe near the bed.

Step 5

Find a stereo and sixties albums at a garage sale, and play them while you're relaxing in your retro bedroom.
Retro Interior Design..

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