Retro '50s Decorating Ideas Bathroom

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas
: Bathroom

# The retro bathroom can be a smaller version of the kitchen. Use the same black-and-white tile to decorate the floor. Silver is the perfect color for accents and any metal shelving or door knobs and cabinet handles in the room. Pin-up girl posters or pictures of singers such as Elvis can be framed in a simple black picture frame and hung on the wall. Even if an advertisement is not from the '50s, old metal signs found at junk stores and flea markets will have the same worn look to them. Consider a clear or red plastic shower curtain and choose matching red or white towels. Choosing pink and green or turquoise instead of red, white and black is also an acceptable color scheme from the time period.
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Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas Bedroom

Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas

Retro Bedroom
# There are two main themes that can be used to evoke '50s style in a bedroom. Either a black-and-red color scheme with silver accents or pink and green with white work well in creating the right atmosphere. Choose your furniture and large items, such as the bedspread and curtains, in a combination of red and black or pink and turquoise. With red and black, use silver or white on the walls. Use stainless steel for accents like picture frames and cabinet handles. Put tile or red carpet on the floor. For the pink and turquoise room, the walls can be painted either pink, turquoise or light green, and the floor can be thick, pink carpet. Matching round plastic chairs will go with either room scheme. The infamous Kit-Cat clock, a black cat whose eyes and tail move back in forth with the seconds, can be used as well. It is available in other colors, such as pink.

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas

# The kitchen is a popular spot for retro decorations. A black-, white-and-red theme is ideal. Choose chairs or booths for seating in the kitchen or dining area that are made of red vinyl. A hard formica table in a red color can match the chairs and will often be less expensive than a typical wooden kitchen table. Accessorize with old product boxes or vintage signs from flea markets and antique stores. Records can be added to the walls, and black-and-white square tile can be used on the floor. A large clock with a round, silver frame or a frame with a red neon light around the edge is the perfect way to both decorate the kitchen and always know the time.
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Retro Color Palettes

Retro Color Palettes

# Retro color palettes can make a room feel outdated when paired with vintage furniture. Put your favorite retro color with your favorite modern color. Instead of using avocado green and orange try orange and bright white or avocado and brown. Paint will freshen up a vintage look and add a personal touch to the room.
# Wallpaper was popular in vintage design. Think outside the basic floral patterns. Prime the walls properly so you can easily remove the paper when you want a change. Use a graphic paper with an art deco design or damask print on a wall to create a focal point.
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Retro Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Accessories

Retro Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Accessories

Retro Vintage Accessories
Use old items in new ways. Records make unique wall art, with or without the album cover. Sew vintage
handkerchiefs into a patchwork tablecloth. Turn old postcards or letters into collages. Reframe vintage artwork or posters to give it new life. Preserve the pieces by using acid free materials. Rewire vintage lamps and give the
pieces a new lampshade for a custom piece. Vintage cameras can accessorize a bookshelf. Place a retro dress form in a sewing or living room for a distinct conversation piece.
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Retro Vintage Decorating Ideas Modern Conveniences

Retro Interior Vintage Decorating Ideas Modern Conveniences

Modern Conveniences
You might want a vintage look while maintaining modern conveniences. Place a buffet or credenza underneath a modern flat screen TV to lend a retro flair. The buffet can house video equipment and DVDS. Retro kitchen appliances often came in colors such as avocado green and harvest gold yellow. These colors can be difficult to find on new appliances. Your cabinet maker can install cupboard doors over certain appliances so they disappear.
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Retro Interior Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Furniture

Retro Interior Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture
Furniture designers base modern furniture off of vintage pieces. Get the real thing for less money by going to
thrift stores or garage sales. For decor styles from the 1930s and 1940s, go with wood pieces with carvings and inlay. You may have trouble finding a couch from these eras that are in good condition. Mix your existing sofa in with vintage pieces. Concentrate on finding end tables, bedroom sets and dining room furniture in vintage shops.
Vintage decorating also works if you've inherited pieces from relatives because you can incorporate family heirlooms into the overall design. Use a vintage sewing machine table as a desk. Furniture from the 1960s and 1970s includes plastic and metal pieces with modern lines.
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Retro 1950s

Retro Interior Design 1950s

Step 1

Paint your bedroom walls in pastel shades, and buy a blond bedroom set. The more pieces, the better. Install
1950s-style perforated wall-sconce lamps on each side of the bed (see Resources below). Hang a sunburst (a type of metal sculpture common in the 1950s) on the wall above the bed.

Step 2

Put a chenille bedspread on the bed. Beds in the 1950s usually had only two pillows, which were laid flat. Shop for a round or square white corduroy or silk-covered pillow in a jewel tone, and lay it tilted upward between the two other pillows.

Step 3

Hang two-layer curtains in pastel colors. The inner part should be voile, the outer part in a heavier, coordinating drapery fabric.

Step 4

Find a 1950s-style boxy "slipper chair" covered in yellow, aqua or green leather, and place it in the corner.