Retro '50s Decorating Ideas Bathroom

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas
: Bathroom

# The retro bathroom can be a smaller version of the kitchen. Use the same black-and-white tile to decorate the floor. Silver is the perfect color for accents and any metal shelving or door knobs and cabinet handles in the room. Pin-up girl posters or pictures of singers such as Elvis can be framed in a simple black picture frame and hung on the wall. Even if an advertisement is not from the '50s, old metal signs found at junk stores and flea markets will have the same worn look to them. Consider a clear or red plastic shower curtain and choose matching red or white towels. Choosing pink and green or turquoise instead of red, white and black is also an acceptable color scheme from the time period.
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Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas Bedroom

Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas

Retro Bedroom
# There are two main themes that can be used to evoke '50s style in a bedroom. Either a black-and-red color scheme with silver accents or pink and green with white work well in creating the right atmosphere. Choose your furniture and large items, such as the bedspread and curtains, in a combination of red and black or pink and turquoise. With red and black, use silver or white on the walls. Use stainless steel for accents like picture frames and cabinet handles. Put tile or red carpet on the floor. For the pink and turquoise room, the walls can be painted either pink, turquoise or light green, and the floor can be thick, pink carpet. Matching round plastic chairs will go with either room scheme. The infamous Kit-Cat clock, a black cat whose eyes and tail move back in forth with the seconds, can be used as well. It is available in other colors, such as pink.

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas

Retro '50s Decorating Ideas

# The kitchen is a popular spot for retro decorations. A black-, white-and-red theme is ideal. Choose chairs or booths for seating in the kitchen or dining area that are made of red vinyl. A hard formica table in a red color can match the chairs and will often be less expensive than a typical wooden kitchen table. Accessorize with old product boxes or vintage signs from flea markets and antique stores. Records can be added to the walls, and black-and-white square tile can be used on the floor. A large clock with a round, silver frame or a frame with a red neon light around the edge is the perfect way to both decorate the kitchen and always know the time.
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